Frequently asked questions about VAT reimbursement


1) Why does my company have to pay VAT in other countries?
When your company exhibits at a trade fair in another country, you in fact purchase a service in that country. VAT is always payable in the country where goods or services are purchased, at the rate applicable in that country.


(Rules are different only when your company is based in the EU and imports goods from another EU member country).


2) Can I also get a refund for private expenses incurred abroad?
As a private person living in a EU member country, you cannot get a VAT refund for goods purchased while travelling in another EU member country.
In almost all other cases you are entitled to a VAT refund on goods purchased abroad.
TAX consulting + service however does not offer such VAT refund assistance for private tourists.
We recommend to check the website for further information.


3) I do not want to send any original invoices abroad. Can I submit copies of my invoices for my refund requests?
a) Refund requests of companies with seat in one of the EU members state for another EU member state:


As of 1st January 2010 no original invoices are required and - with the exception*) - no copies of invoices have to be submitted with the application. We need your copies of invoices in order to correctly file the application.


*) some countries require invoice copies as of a certain net amount of the invoices, in other countries the Tax Authorities may request them afterwards.


3) Appliquations of companies with their seat in a non EU member country
Companies with seat in a non EU member country must submit all the original invoices, which will be returned after the VAT refund has been approved.
Refund requests accompanied by invoice copies instead of originals will automatically be refused.
Don't forget to make copies of all original invoices you are sending us!


4) How long does it take until we receive our VAT refund?
According to the law refunds are being paid out within 6 months, this deadline is usually observed.


5) How often and at what intervals can I submit an application for refund of VAT?
The period covered by the application may not be less than 3 months and not more than 12 months.
Important: the date of the invoice and not the date of the payment is decisive.


6) Is there a minimum amount for an application of refund of VAT?
Yes. The minimum amount for one calender year is € 50,00. For three consecutive months the minimum amount is € 400,00.
Please note, that our company proceeds applications as of € 400,00 only.


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