About our Service

- We provide you free of charge with all information needed to file VAT reimbursement applications.


- Should you still have any queries after receiving our information pack, don't hesitate to call us, send an email or fax. We will give you any information you require free of charge - even if you are not yet our client.


- We check every detail of every single reimbursement application before we pass your application on to the tax office in charge. We will get in touch with you should there be any need for corrections and/or additional information. Correctly completed applications are being processed much faster by the tax offices - our pre-check helps you to get your money back earlier!


- Should there be any delay at the tax office in processing your application, we will automatically follow up for you by phone - we will speak directly to the person in charge in the local language. This direct contact helps considerably to speed up the processing of your application!


- Existing clients will be reminded automatically in time to file their VAT reimbursement applications. With us you will never miss a deadline!


- We have been specialising for many years in helping clients with filing VAT refund applications. We offer an individual and competent service. Our fee structure is transparent and purely success based.


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