Detailed Information about VAT Reimbursement

Companies can apply for a VAT refund in another country
- if they have no registered office in that country
- if they have business related expenses in that country (exhibition costs, business trips etc.)
- if they do not carry out any taxable transactions in that country


(Important: a company which, following a successful participation in a trade fair in another country, receives orders and consequently ships goods to that country, retains the right for a full VAT refund!).


VAT will be refunded for the following expenses:
in all countries:
- exhibition costs (stand and furniture rental, electrical installations, cleaning etc.)
- office services (translations, photocopies etc.)
depending on the country, sometimes very restricted:
- hotels and restaurants


VAT will usually not be refunded on:
- certain private car and car rental expenses


For EU countries refund applications have to be filed until September 30th, for non EU countries until June 30th of the following year at the latest.
Depending on the country, it is either mandatory or recommended to use a local representative for handling refund applications on behalf of foreign applicants.


Fore more detailed information please fill in the questionnaire.


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